Windstar Costa Rica Cruise

By Bob | February 6th, 2007

curu.jpgCosta Rica is a unique country. It was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army. It is also one of the most progressive nations when it comes to protecting its environment. Visitors to the small Central American country will experience firsthand how Costa Ricans live up to the country motto of: “Long live work and peace.”

If you are going to visit such a unique and special place you might as well do so in unique and special style. In the cruise industry that means embarking on a Windstar cruise. With a limit of 150 passengers per cruise, Windstar is all about service and style and not about cramming bodies on board.

The 7-night Costa Rica cruise aboard the Wind Star beings and ends in Puerto Caldera. Along the way the ship makes a port of call in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, as well as at the Curu Biological Reserve in Costa Rica where you can readily see bands of white-faced Capuchin monkeys and more than 100 species of birds.

This cruise isn’t for the bargain traveler but it is perfect for those who want to experience the uniqueness of Costa Rica in a unique way.

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