By George! A Washington, DC Vacation Packages Sale

By Bob | February 6th, 2007

george-washington-horse-pittsburgh.jpgIf George Washington were alive today he would likely want you to visit the city has sprouted out of the marshes and that bears his name. If he were alive today he would tell you to pay a visit to the Smithsonian Museum to further your understanding of the history of the country which he helped to found. If George were alive today he would point out Washington DC’s cherry blossoms in bloom and remind you to never chop down an apple tree without telling a lie. If he were alive today, well, he would be pretty damn old but still likely to want to kick it up with you while you enjoy the nightlife in the Adam’s Morgan and Georgetown sections of the city.

If George Washington were alive today he was probably call you crazy if you don’t jump at the chance to swoop up some awesome Washington, DC vacation packages savings from Southwest Airlines. He’d like to save as many green pieces of paper with his likeness on it as you do.

He would also remind you that it is better to be safe than sorry and that even though it isn’t very sexy travel medical insurance is sometimes the smartest thing you can bring along with you on a trip.

If Washington were alive today, he’d wish you a safe and pleasant journey to the nation’s capital.

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