Cheap Flights to Australia and New Zealand via Tahiti

By Bob | February 7th, 2007

down-under.JPGHere is an excellent deal for anyone who have ever dreamed of visiting Australia or New Zealand or for those who have been to those countries and who want to go back. Air Tahiti Nui yes, it is a legitimate airline with planes that have two wings and all that is offering up round-trip flights to Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand this February, March, and April from New York JFK for less than $1,000.

If that doesn’t tempt you enough, the flights also allow for you to make a stop in Tahiti in either direction. They are so eager to get you to visit Tahiti and to fly their airline that they will even include one night free in a hotel. Considering the prices and the offer that almost seems superfluous but I’m sure you’ll take it.

So now the choice comes down to whether to visit Australia or New Zealand. Each country has its special charm and uniqueness. Australia has the outback. New Zealand has the mountains, rainforest and volcanoes. Both have crazy animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Both also have warm, friendly people who will show you a good time.

What the heck. Why not visit both?

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