They don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing

By Bob | July 5th, 2007

don-cesar.jpgAmong the many reasons why you shouldn’t move to Florida: alligators, mosquitos, sink holes, hurricanes, people who drive with their left turn signal constantly on, the preponderance of blue hair, OJ Simpson lives there, Don Johnson, the 2000 presidential election and drive-in liquor stores.

The argument in favor of moving to Florida: sunshine.

If you are someone who can live with the unpleasant other things, but can’t live without sunshine then Florida has your name written all over it. Perhaps you aren’t thinking about moving there, but a visit is what you have in mind. Southwest Vacations has some excellent deals on vacation packages to the Sunshine State.

One that I find particularly attractive involves a stay at the Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa in St. Petersburg, which is sometimes called the Pink Palace. In addition to being on the National Register of Historic Places, the Don Cesar is the type of place where the person lounging next to you on the beach could be a famous celebrity. The catch is that the Don Cesar doesn’t come with celebrity prices.

If you do choose to stay at the Don Cesar or in St. Petersburg it would be a crime if you didn’t also pay a visit to the Salvador Dali museum. It is as nice as a sunny day.

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