A Mexican Fiesta Cruise

By Bob | July 3rd, 2007

cabo.JPGCabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta. If most people were asked to name the best places to go on the Pacific coast of Mexico, those three cities would likely be at the top of the list.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautifully located town. Located at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, Cabo has near perfect weather all year round. That is a good thing since it is located next to an ocean that is a virtual playground for fisherman and water sports enthusiasts.

Further down the coast you’ll find Mazatlan. Situated on a 15-mile stretch of land that juts out into the Pacific, it has a beauty that is legendary. Get away from the popular beaches and you will find a charming old town that offers a glimpse into how life in Mexico was a century ago.

Puerta Vallarta might be the most developed city of the three, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. A small town that has grown into a resort city, it has it all water, mountains, shopping and friendliness.

You can experience the Mexican trifecta by taking a place aboard Holland America’s 7-night cruise.

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