Book a Cruise, Receive a Free Portable DVD Player

By Bob | July 9th, 2007

betamax.jpgDo you remember the olden days when you had to choose between buying a VHS player or a Betamax player? Both were enormous devices that cost more than a pretty penny when they first came out. For those of us who gambled on the VHS player, we got years of quality movie entertainment until one of the kids in the family stuck a peanut butter sandwich in the machine and ruined it. For those who chose Betamax, the gamble reaped little rewards and soon most had to switch over to VHS just to be able to rent any decent movies at all.

The choice is simpler these days. DVD players rule the roost. They are cheap, they are great and they can be carried around in a pocket if you are the type to wear clothes with big pockets. They also come in handy when you travel, like when you are on a cruise ship and you just want to escape into your own little world for a few hours or your kids are whiny and they need a little time to chill out.

You can snag a free portable DVD player just by booking a cruise through Priceline. You can’t beat free. Heck, even a free betamax machine would be cool.

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