Big savings on fall vacations in Vegas

lasvegasstripVegas is one of those places I definitely love to hate. While I am extremely fond of the city’s lack of open container laws and social acceptance of day-light drinking, I hate the plethora of fountains, green lawns and lakes in the middle of desert and kind of hate the over-the-top excess and tackiness synonymous with the city. That being said, from great shows to highly rated restaurants, along with some stunning deals on Vegas vacations, a little trip to Sin City has been on my radar recently. [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:September 14th, 2009

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Restaurant week in Vegas and plenty of hot hotel deals on the strip

lasvegasstrip A destination known as a great place to get in trouble (it does, after all, have the nickname of Sin City), not everyone immediately thinks of great restaurants when they think of Las Vegas. However, in a city that was built around entertainment, hotels, resorts, nightclubs and keeping visitors busy, there are also some of the country’s best restaurants featuring some of the best chefs in the industry.

This is exactly why a trip to Las Vegas’ restaurant week this year might be well worth your time. Lately Vegas has also ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:August 24th, 2009

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MGM posts big 2nd quarter loss, Vegas vacations keep getting cheaper

vegasnightThe home of booze, babes and gambling has been suffering with the downturn of the economy. Big time. As fewer businesses are booking conventions in Las Vegas and fewer travelers seem to have the disposable cash to take a trip to Sin City, the city has been hurting for tourist revenue lately. In fact, according to Bloomberg News, the MGM Grand (the biggest casino owner on the strip) in Vegas posted a $212.6 Million second-quarter loss. So, what does this mean for you? Some absolutely screaming good Las Vegas deals, ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:August 5th, 2009

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Friends fly, stay and play for free in Vegas

vegasnightThere is something about Vegas that both totally appalls and intrigues me at the same time. I’m appalled by the blatant excess; the seeming abundance of water in a place that you know doesn’t have any, the tacky billboards, the over-the-top everything. But Vegas is also a place where you can drink on the streets, party til dawn and where it is totally acceptable to drink during the daylight hours, which despite it’s excess, has forever endeared Vegas to me in my heart. Plus, with so many great offers in Vegas right ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:July 16th, 2009

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Viva Vegas Vacation Packages

stardustwayne.jpgThe only thing more foolish than paying full price for a Las Vegas vacation is paying full price for a Las Vegas vacation and losing your mortgage while playing craps. As my grandfather used to tell me when I was a little boy, fly wisely and gamble even wiser. Or something like that. I don’t gamble. I hate making casinos go broke.

With all the Vegas offers out there how does one possibly choose which to take advantage of? That is an excellent question. You should take a ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:April 16th, 2007

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It’s like being in Venice only it’s in Vegas

venetian.jpgWhat does a city that is defined by its waterways have in common with a city in the desert where water is piped in from hundreds of miles away? Absolutely nothing, but that is the essence of Las Vegas where things are so absurd that no one would ever question why there is a Venice hotel in the city.

As you likely know, The Venetian hotel has a reputation as being one of Las Vegas’ more upscale sleeping quarters. It hosts no less than 19 restaurants, it has the Guggenheim ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 6th, 2007

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Sun in the City: Super Savings on Vacation Packages

suninthecity.jpgBuying a vacation package is not for everyone. Some people prefer to spend a few nights in one place, a few nights at another, etc. Other people are very selective about where they lay their bed at night and the fact is that vacation packages often involve hotels that fall well short of being five-star. All of that being said, sometimes vacation packages are worth the inconvenience and worth the step down in accommodations, especially if they can help you save money on a vacation.

Priceline currently has some tasty offerings ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:January 29th, 2007

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Las Vegas, Nevada – Vacation Packages

Las Vegas, NevadaLas Vegas attractions are plentiful and action-packed with a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. In addition to famous hotel-casinos, Las Vegas attractions range from museums to championship golf courses to shows and special events.

Vegas has the best food, the best entertainment and the best ways to blow your money, without a doubt. Court lady luck in the city that made gambling, girls and glitz famous in the United States. Las Vegas, its neon strip illuminating the night sky, rises above the desert like a Phoenix, refusing to ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:December 24th, 2006

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