Friends fly, stay and play for free in Vegas

By Miss Julie | July 16th, 2009

vegasnightThere is something about Vegas that both totally appalls and intrigues me at the same time. I’m appalled by the blatant excess; the seeming abundance of water in a place that you know doesn’t have any, the tacky billboards, the over-the-top everything. But Vegas is also a place where you can drink on the streets, party til dawn and where it is totally acceptable to drink during the daylight hours, which despite it’s excess, has forever endeared Vegas to me in my heart. Plus, with so many great offers in Vegas right now, there is little excuse not to book a Vegas vacation package and head to Sin City. Southwest Airlines Vacations. Affordable vacation packages to destinations from coast to coast.

For those who scored a great deal on a cheap ticket to Vegas and do take advantage of some of the screaming deals in Sin City, you certainly won’t find yourself bored or with lack of entertainment options. In fact, with so many live shows it’s easy to score a great deal on cheap Las Vegas show tickets.

With acts that appear only in Vegas, you won’t be sorry you shelled out a little extra cash to see one of these great shows. Plus, with so many optionsfrom hearing Bette Midler to seeing a topless revue, there is some sort of show that is sure to suit everyone. (And if not, you can always spend your time working on your tan by the pool or gambling in the casinos).

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