Vacation packages under $300

hammock_beachThe economy has got a lot of people stressing about their stock portfolios, diminished retirement funds and layoffs, but it the midst of the global financial ills, there is a positive to be found. The downturned economy has meant for some really great travel pricesincluding this list of vacations for under $300 (that’s including both airfare AND hotel). A trip for less than 3 benjamins? Sounds like a score to me. Flight+3 Night Hotel Vacations from $299 As someone who treasures budget travel, I am almost always on ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:April 29th, 2009

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Big, Big Savings on Family Vacation Packages

sharmfamily.jpgChildren are an expensive proposition. Between feeding them, putting clothes on their backs and bribing them to behave in public places it costs more than a pretty penny to raise kids. It is amazing that any of us have any money left over to go on family vacations.

Not all family vacations are created equally, of course. You can put the young ones in the backseat and travel to a campground where you can live off of franks and beans and hardly spend a cent. Ahhh, my childhood memories. ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:April 4th, 2007

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Grrrrr like a Tiger with these Oslo, Norway Vacation Packages

tiger.jpgI’ve always been a bit curious about the name of Norway’s capital. Oslo rolls off the tongue. It is short, sweet and simple. In other words, it is not like Burkina Faso’s capital. It is no Ouagadougou (try saying that ten times or at least correctly once).

According to Wikipedia, the name Oslo is the subject of much debate. There are some that believe it comes from the name of a large farm during the time of settlement. There are others that say it refers to the ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 14th, 2007

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Save $40 on Reno/Tahoe Vacations

tahoe_view.jpgAre there two more disparate places that are always linked together than Reno and Tahoe? Reno is all about city life. More precisely, it is more about gambling and enjoying the wonderfully wacky world of casinos. You could literally spend an entire weekend in Reno without ever breathing anything other than smoke-filled hotel air.

Tahoe is the exact opposite. It is all about nature and about being outdoors. Lake Tahoe is one of the country’s true treasures, its blue waters unlike any other. The mountains in Tahoe are ... [read more]

Flight and Four Nights Vacation Package in Boston

boston.jpgIf you are looking for a quick little getaway to a destination that offers great history, food and nightlife, than look no further than Boston. Beantown is one of America’s great cities and it is ideal for a four-day weekend escape. Take a tour of where the country’s founders once walked, sit back and enjoy the eclectic scene in Harvard Square, and visit some of the best restaurants on this planet.

If culture is your thing, the city has several ornate theatres, including the Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Opera House, The Wang ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 2nd, 2007

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Save 40% on Vacation Packages throughout 2007

all_year.jpgThe one thing I have learned while captaining this travel deal blog is that the best deals are often the ones that are more unavailable. For example, you could probably fly from your home to Timbuktu right now for $100 if you could leave this very instant, your name begins and ends in the letter “p” and you don’t mind stopping in 27 places along the way. Is that you? Go ahead and pack your bags.

Good deals exist, they all too often just happen to be inconvenient and implausible, especially ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 1st, 2007

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Cheap Miami Vacation Packages

miami-florida.jpgDid you know that Miami is a Spring Break hot spot this year? Neither did I until I received no less than four emails from various travel companies proclaiming it as the place to be during those crazy weeks of beer funnels, bikinis, and debauchery. Sounds thrilling, right?

Even if the college party scene isn’t your cup of tea, Miami is still a killer place to visit. It has easy access to some wonderful beaches, it is the epicenter of Latin culture in the United States, the Cuban restaurants are simply ... [read more]

Do the Can-Can in Cancun

can-can.JPGIt is amazing what a little break away from home and work can do for the soul. Just when you are starting to feel like you have been punched in the gut by Mike Tyson only to have a piano fall from a third story window onto your back, a quick vacation can help you breathe normally again and it can help lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders.

As far as short little junkets go, this is a pretty tasty one. Priceline has a nifty deal on three-night ... [read more]

Super Seattle Vacation Packages

seattle-rain.jpgIt rains every single day of the year in Seattle, Washington or at least that is what the people who live there would like you to believe. The facts say otherwise. Seattle does get its fair share of rainy days, but the vast majority happens in the winter months. During the summer, the skies are sunny and blue and there are few nicer cities to be than in Seattle.

One of the reasons why people in the Pacific Northwest talk to outsiders so much about the rain is that they know ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 1st, 2007

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Theme Parks Vacation Packages

roller-coaster-monks.jpgThere comes time in everyone’s life when you are forced to decide whether or not you are a theme park type of person. That time usually is when you are sitting on a rickety roller coaster that is pointed straight up. As it makes its way out the neverending hill, you are either giddy with anticipation of the drop or you are wetting your pants like a little baby. If you are on the giddy end of the spectrum, you are a theme park person. If you need new ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:January 31st, 2007

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Save on San Francisco Vacation Packages

san-fran.jpgWith its splendid bay, famous bridge, island prison, cable cars, and unreal steep hills, San Francisco is truly a unique American city. On a sunny day it is one of the prettiest cities in the United States. On a foggy day it is still one of the prettiest cities in the United States. On any day it is a great place to visit.

You can stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf, take a drive out to wine country, dine in Chinatown, take in the sights in the Haight Ashbury district and do some ... [read more]

$500 Spending Money with an Aruba Package

aruba-sunset.jpgThe mere name Aruba sounds exotic. Go ahead and say it out loud. Aruba. It rolls off the tongue even if you are stuffing your face with potato chips while surfing the Internet.

Its name is not the only thing Aruba has going for itself. The place is both exotic and erotic. It is a paradise that will delight the single traveler and kindle passion in couples. The nearly perfect weather offers up year-round sun and a warmth that will make a dip in the crystal ... [read more]

Sun in the City: Super Savings on Vacation Packages

suninthecity.jpgBuying a vacation package is not for everyone. Some people prefer to spend a few nights in one place, a few nights at another, etc. Other people are very selective about where they lay their bed at night and the fact is that vacation packages often involve hotels that fall well short of being five-star. All of that being said, sometimes vacation packages are worth the inconvenience and worth the step down in accommodations, especially if they can help you save money on a vacation.

Priceline currently has some tasty offerings ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:January 29th, 2007

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