Super Southern Europe Sampler Cruise

holdingcandy.jpgThere are two kinds of people. There are the kinds that like nothing more than to receive a big block of chocolate for their birthday and there are the kinds that like receive one of those boxes that have many flavors of candy. If you are in the sampler chocolate camp and think that variety is the spice of life, you probably will enjoy this 7-night Southern Europe cruise by Costa Cruises.

This is a fast moving cruise that will fill your tourist tummy with some delightful samples of Italy, Tunisia, Spain ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:June 27th, 2007

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April in Paris: Perfect Vacation Package

paris-spring.jpgThere might be lovelier places in spring than Paris but I can’t think of many. After the winter gloom departs and the flowers remember that they are supposed to be colorful, Paris comes alive in a way that doesn’t exist the rest of the year. Indeed, springtime is the time for Parisians to enjoy Paris. The tourists aren’t out in big numbers and the city’s many charms are on full display.

Many a person has fallen in love in Paris in the spring and many a couple have rekindled the flames ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 26th, 2007

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The Price is Right to Fly to Nice, France

nice_beach.jpgIt happens every year at this time. It starts out with me watching a cycling race from Europe. I watch the riders going through historic cities, climbing spectacular mountains and pedaling through quaint towns that look like they are straight off of a postcard. I start caring less and less for the race and more and more for the scenery. The next thing you know I am booking a flight to Europe. I need to kill my television.

This week’s race is from Paris to Nice, France. ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 15th, 2007

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Explore Paris with a Guided Tour

paris-tour.jpgIf all the trees that have been felled in order for people to write about the beauty of Paris were still around I am convinced that we wouldn’t have global climate change. I am also convinced that people would still know about the beauty of Paris. All you have to do is go there once and you will discover her charms for yourself.

Deciding what to see and what to do while you are in the City of Lights can be a challenge. Even with the best guidebooks and an understanding ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 27th, 2007

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Spain, France and Italy Cruise, Oh My!

nice.JPGThere is something about Europe that just feels different. The minute you step off a cross-Atlantic air trip and step foot on the continent you feel like you are in another part of the world. At the same time, Europe is also familiar. It has its lovely towns, bustling cities and historic cultures, but none of this leaves you feel like you are visiting Mars. Europe is both different and familiar.

Europe is also wonderful, especially if you can take the time to explore some of its southern areas. Celebrity Cruises has ... [read more]

Paris, France – Vacation Packages

Eiffel TowerBonjour! Ah, Paris, France. Home of the finest of the finer things in life, a city where a good meal and good wine are as important as air to breathe. Nestled in the Loire Valley, the City of Light – and Love – on the banks of the Seine is the perfect destination for any interest and budget or time-frame, from a long weekend to a typical week-long vacation. This is the golden child of Europe.

The huge, daunting city of Paris has been a major crossroads for cultures and travelers ... [read more]

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