Super Southern Europe Sampler Cruise

By Bob | June 27th, 2007

holdingcandy.jpgThere are two kinds of people. There are the kinds that like nothing more than to receive a big block of chocolate for their birthday and there are the kinds that like receive one of those boxes that have many flavors of candy. If you are in the sampler chocolate camp and think that variety is the spice of life, you probably will enjoy this 7-night Southern Europe cruise by Costa Cruises.

This is a fast moving cruise that will fill your tourist tummy with some delightful samples of Italy, Tunisia, Spain and France. The trip begins in northern Italy in Genoa and then makes its way down the boot with stops in Naples and Palermo. From there is across the Mediterranean and on to Tunis, Tunisia, an exotic port of call full of color and spice. You’ll get a brief rest in the Balearic Islands, one of the hottest tourist destinations this year. From there it is one to Barcelona and Marseille before returning to Genoa.

The downside of a trip like this is that you don’t get a whole lot of time in any one place. The upside is that you get to see a lot of destinations in a short amount of time and at a very reasonable price.

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