Vacation packages under $300

By Miss Julie | April 29th, 2009

hammock_beachThe economy has got a lot of people stressing about their stock portfolios, diminished retirement funds and layoffs, but it the midst of the global financial ills, there is a positive to be found. The downturned economy has meant for some really great travel pricesincluding this list of vacations for under $300 (that’s including both airfare AND hotel). A trip for less than 3 benjamins? Sounds like a score to me. Flight+3 Night Hotel Vacations from $299

As someone who treasures budget travel, I am almost always on quest to hunt down the best travel deals out therewhether it be cheap flights to Europe, cheap hotels or low prices on international airfare.

Especially with Travelocity and other sites rounding up the best deals from around the web and offering up deals for under $300, almost everyone can afford a little getaway this summer.

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