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By Bob | January 31st, 2007

roller-coaster-monks.jpgThere comes time in everyone’s life when you are forced to decide whether or not you are a theme park type of person. That time usually is when you are sitting on a rickety roller coaster that is pointed straight up. As it makes its way out the neverending hill, you are either giddy with anticipation of the drop or you are wetting your pants like a little baby. If you are on the giddy end of the spectrum, you are a theme park person. If you need new underwear after the ride, you might want to consider taking the next family vacation at the beach.

For those of you who fall into the theme park admirer category, Priceline has some great vacation packages for theme parks such as Disney World, Busch Gardens, and Sea World (a good place for those who don’t like the scary ride amusement parks). You can save up to $325 dollars when you book your flight and hotel together, which is money you will need when you are buying overpriced hot dogs and yummy ice cream in between rides that will scare you silly.

Strap yourself in, keep your hands up in the air and have fun at your theme park vacation.

Save up to $325 on Vacation Packages!

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