Trans-Atlantic Cruise to Rome

By Bob | January 25th, 2007

rome-colisee.jpgThere was a time when thousands of people each day would take to the high seas to leave Europe for the hope and promise of the United States. Theirs was a dangerous passage filled with uncertainty and fear. You can recreate their voyage, in reverse and without the uncertainty and fear, on a 16-day cruise aboard Holland America’s Westerdam. The Trans-Atlantic trip departs from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and stops in the Bahamas and on Grand Turk Island before spending 6 full days and nights on the open sea.

Sitting on a ship without seeing land for 144 hours might not be everyone’s idea of a bundle of fun, but the Westerdam is a quality boat and undoubtedly the food and entertainment will make time fly by if you aren’t too busy being sea sick. Might be a good trip to test out those new seasickness pills!

On the 10th day you will be reunited with land at Funchai, Madiera. From there you visit Casablanca, Morocco, Cadiz, Spain, Barcelona, Spain and Monte Carlo, Monaco before finally arriving in Rome.

What a journey!

For more on what to do and see when you are in Rome, check out the Italy Travel Guide.

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