Charming New England and Canada Cruises

By Bob | June 14th, 2007

new-england-coast.jpgWhenever you come across a travel description of cruises to New England and Canada you are almost always going to see the word “charming”. Unlike cruises to the Caribbean it would not be accurate to describe a Canada/New England cruise as a “sun getaway”. It would also not be right to label it “exotic”. Charming, however, fits the bill.

There is a charm to the way the costal towns in New England and eastern Canada go about things. These are places that are rich in history and where people cling to their roots even as modernity creeps in. The pace of life is slower than it is in the big cities and in many ways it can be more pleasant. Certainly for a visitor it can be a welcome change from the hectic lives we normally lead.

Carnival Cruises has a number of cruises that depart New York and explore the coasts of New England and Canada. These trips, some lasting as long as a week, move at a leisurely pace and allow you a lot of time to explore the ports of call and to discover for yourself why they are so darned charming.

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