It’s no Dream. Kids Fly for $5 to Disneyland Resort

By Bob | June 18th, 2007

dreams.jpgDid you know that this is The Year of a Million Dreams? If you have been paying attention to all the Disney commercials recently you couldn’t help but know this. Disney and dreams apparently go together like chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. One person’s dream can be another person’s nightmare, however. Disneyland and the other assorted properties are the happiest place on earth as long as you have enough money to pay through the nose.

Southwest Vacations to the rescue. The little airline that could is doing its best to help you keep the Disney dreams alive without breaking the bank. If you sign up for one of their vacation packages at the Disneyland Resort, your kids can fly there for just $5 each way. With the money you save on airfare, you can actually buy them food at the park and maybe a pair of those mouse ears because those things are cool and your kids need to be cool.

The offer comes with all kinds of conditions so read them closely before you book your dream vacation.

By the way, 2007 is also the Year of the Red Pig. Makes you wonder why *that* isn’t being used in advertising campaigns everywhere.

Kids fly for $5 (each way) when you book an air/hotel Disneyland® Resort package. Ends 6/28.

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