Cheap Flights for Kids to Washington, DC

dc-kids.jpgIt might be built on a swamp and it might be a political swamp, but the nation’s capital is still a great place for children to visit. I should know. Just about every year from third grade through eighth grade my class made a field trip to Washington, DC. It got to the point where I could give a tour of the city better than the tour guide and where I actually grew tired of the freeze dried ice cream at the National Air and Space Museum.

With its many monuments ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:June 26th, 2007

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By George! A Washington, DC Vacation Packages Sale

george-washington-horse-pittsburgh.jpgIf George Washington were alive today he would likely want you to visit the city has sprouted out of the marshes and that bears his name. If he were alive today he would tell you to pay a visit to the Smithsonian Museum to further your understanding of the history of the country which he helped to found. If George were alive today he would point out Washington DC’s cherry blossoms in bloom and remind you to never chop down an apple tree without telling a lie. If he were ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 6th, 2007

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Super Seattle Vacation Packages

seattle-rain.jpgIt rains every single day of the year in Seattle, Washington or at least that is what the people who live there would like you to believe. The facts say otherwise. Seattle does get its fair share of rainy days, but the vast majority happens in the winter months. During the summer, the skies are sunny and blue and there are few nicer cities to be than in Seattle.

One of the reasons why people in the Pacific Northwest talk to outsiders so much about the rain is that they know ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 1st, 2007

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Seattle, Washington – Vacation Packages

Recognized as one of the most livable cities in the United States, Seattle is also one of the nicest to visit. You know Seattle before you visit it. The skyline is world-famous, thanks to Fraiser and the unreplaceable holdover of the 1964 World’s Fair, the Space Needle. The food is fantastic – given its location on the ocean, how could it not be? This large city offers some of the entrepreneurial minds – and creative spirits.

The “Emerald City” is tucked onto a narrow strip of land between Puget Sound to the west and ... [read more]

Author: Miss Julie

Date:December 24th, 2006

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