Set Sail on a Pacific Coast Cruise

pacific-coast.JPGThe Pacific Ocean in many parts of North America hardly lives up to its name “peaceful sea”. For large portions of the year the Pacific churns and turns and swells¦and, well, you get the idea. It isn’t exactly the ideal place to be on a cruise. All of that changes in the summer when the seas become a bit more pacific and the costal scenery more visible.

Norwegian Cruise Line has an excellent six-night cruise along the Pacific Coast. Starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, the ship first makes its ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:May 16th, 2007

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Kids Fly and Stay Free in Vancouver, B.C.

happy-kids.jpgHere’s a great deal if you are looking for an affordable Spring Break getaway or to add another stamp to your child’s passport. Alaskan Airlines is offering up a deal where kids ages 2-11 can fly for free to Vancouver, B.C. when you purchase a flight and hotel stay package. A free vacation for the kids! Sign me up!

The offer is only valid on flights from Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and it requires a minimum 3-night stay at one of the hotels in Vancouver. ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 28th, 2007

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See the Pacific Northwest by Cruise

pacific-northwest-vacation.jpgWhen most people think of cruises they likely envision a trip to a location where the sun shines and warmth fills the air. The exception might be an Alaska cruise in the summer, but even that can be a sun filled affair. The odds aren’t great that you’ll see much sun during a cruise of the Pacific Northwest in late April, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful part of North America.

Celebrity Cruises offers up a 7-night Pacific Northwest cruise that begins in San ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:February 1st, 2007

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Cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii aboard the Carnival Spirit

whal111.jpgSurrounded by nothing but blue water, the wind whipping through your air, the ship rocking with each wave, the birds hanging above hoping you’ll leave something behind for them to feast on, whales jumping next to you. Some people just like being on the open sea and it is hard to blame them. Getting away from the daily grind is one reason for travel and there is no easier way to escape from your land-based life for a few days than to be on the open sea.

There are a fair number ... [read more]

Vancouver, Canada – Vacation Packages

Vancouver, B.C., where Asia meets America. An awesome, scenic city nestled between ocean and mountains, it boasts the second largest Chinatown in North America. Home to Stanley Park – a 1,000 acre wilderness park for walkers, hikers, bikers and drivers, Vancouver is excellent for outdoor exploring. The city can be seen on foot. When you’re tired of walking, go sailing, and then eat at a mountain top restaurant and ski in the evening.

In a physical setting that matches and probably exceeds that of Seattle, Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. On ... [read more]

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