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By Bob | February 1st, 2007

pacific-northwest-vacation.jpgWhen most people think of cruises they likely envision a trip to a location where the sun shines and warmth fills the air. The exception might be an Alaska cruise in the summer, but even that can be a sun filled affair. The odds aren’t great that you’ll see much sun during a cruise of the Pacific Northwest in late April, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful part of North America.

Celebrity Cruises offers up a 7-night Pacific Northwest cruise that begins in San Francisco and ends in Vancouver, British Columbia. Both of those cities alone are worth the trip. They are each superbly located next to the water and offer up breathtaking views that you won’t experience anywhere else.

In between, the cruise takes you to the serene Monterey, California where if you had millions of dollars you could probably afford a house in paradise. From there it is on to Astoria, Oregon, home of the movie Goonies, among other things. Spend the day exploring the rugged and awesome Oregon coast before departing for Seattle, Washington, another unique and pretty city. Finally it is off to Victoria, British Columbia where you will swear that you are in England instead of North America.

Bring your rain gear and a positive attitude. At least you won’t be bringing home a sunburn as a souvenir from your cruise vacation.

Pacific Northwest Cruises

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