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By Bob | March 22nd, 2007

fijians.jpgWhen I arrived in Fiji a few years back I had a backpack on my shoulder and a limited amount of money in my pockets. I was traveling by myself and merely had a travel guide to direct me. I had been on the road for weeks and was feeling completely worn down. I was lonely and tired of people. I had lost faith in humanity. All I wanted to do was go home, a sad thought considering I had just landed on an island that is close to paradise.

While I was taking a bus to the other side of the main island I was befriended by a local man. In the course of twenty minutes he invited me to come stay with his family on another island, an hour away by boat. He insisted that I stay with him for free, that would feed me and that he would show me the true culture of Fiji. He did all that and more.

A week later I was on my way back home, feeling rested and grateful for my travel experience. My Fijian friend had shown me a wonderful week and had adopted me into his family. I later learned that this is the way things work in the South Pacific islands. The people are as friendly to strangers as you will find anywhere in this world. If you haven’t been to Fiji, you really must go. You’ll make friends for life.

Here is one way to stay in Fiji.

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