Say Aloha to Cheap Spring Flights to Hawaii

By Bob | March 22nd, 2007

aloha.jpgDo you ever find it annoying when people use the word “aloha” when they are speaking English? I do. It is a pretty word and in Hawaiian it sounds great but when you sprinkle it in with English conversation it just sounds silly. That is my pet peeve for the week. You are forewarned. If I hear you saying aloha in an inappropriate setting I will scorn you and not share my delicious freshly sliced Hawaiian pineapple with you.

Now, if you are in Hawaii and you feel the need to say aloha that is perfectly acceptable. It fits in with the laid back attitude that exists on the islands of paradise. It shows that you are trying to adapt to the culture and that you can fit in.

It is easier than ever to get your aloha on in Hawaii thanks to some superb deals on flights. Hawaiian Airlines has the cheapest round-trip tickets from the mainland US to the islands that I have seen in some time. Moreover, they will fly you between islands for next to nothing which is extremely convenient because swimming between the islands is tiring and you might get eaten by a shark and that would kinda suck.

Aloha, my amigos.

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