Visit Nine British Isles on one Cruise

By Bob | March 16th, 2007

anglophile.jpgSome people are Francophiles and others are Anglophiles. What about people who are lovers of lovers? Are we philephiles?

Word musings aside, if you are an Anglophile or simply have a desire to visit the British Isles I have found the perfect cruise for you. Celebrity Cruises have sunk a lot of money into renovating the Century and they want to show it off in style. They are offering a nine-day cruise of the British Isles.

You might be thinking that the British Isles are small and that it would be impossible to cruise around them for nine days. Think again. This cruise starts in the decidedly not British Isle of Amsterdam. From there it hits some very unique ports of call including the Orkney Islands and the Channel Islands. These are places that people who live in the United Kingdom their whole lives may never see for themselves.

The cruise also makes stops in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Sadly, Wales is left off the schedule but if you are truly a Welshophile you will have plans to make it there on your own some day.

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