Cruise from Florida to Denmark

By Bob | March 21st, 2007

sea.jpgIn our never-ending search to find unusual cruise itineraries we’ve come across this one. It is a 16-day voyage aboard Costa Cruise LinesCosta Magica. Unlike those other boring old cruises that simply go from Florida to the Bahamas, this one is not content to just end there. No, this is a cruise for the adventurer. It is a cruise for people who like to spend time at sea. It is a cruise for the ocean-tested souls amongst us. It is a cruise to Copenhagen, Denmark from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The cruise starts off innocently enough. You spend a full day in Nassau, Bahamas and another full day in King’s Wharf. And then it gets interesting (or boring depending on your perspective). For the next four days you are at sea with not a speck of land in sight. You will know what it must have been like for the great explorers back in the day. Hour after hour of saltwater and nothing else. Alas, land will be seen again with a full day’s stop in the blessed Azores before it is once again back to sea for three more days.

The reward at the end, besides a hearty set of sea legs, is stops at La Havre and Dover before calling it a trip in Copenhagen. This is a long journey and not one for the seasick amongst us, but if you like being on the high seas this is a cruise that will do wonders for your soul.

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