Negril, Jamaica Vacation Packages

By Bob | June 12th, 2007

negril.jpgIf you have read any travel magazines over the years or visited any number of Web sites, you know by now that Negril, Jamaica has been named one of the top ten beaches in the world. Located in the westernmost part of Jamaica, Negril has grown from a sleepy isolated town into a thriving tourist destination replete with the high quality resorts you’d expect to find where there are beautiful sand and clear blue waters.

What makes Negril different than a lot of popular beach resort destinations is that it hasn’t been entirely built up. There is still some open space and still places you can visit where you won’t feel like you are in a strip mall next to the ocean. Sadly, some of these remarkable places are being turned into more resorts and more restaurants and more of the same you find in places both far and wide. So if you are a smart traveler, the type that reads those magazines with their top ten lists, you would consider making a sojourn to Negril, Jamaica before it is too late.

Beach Destinations has the bead on a fabulous all inclusive package that is especially tempting because it includes free drinks. If that isn’t your thing, you can also do some hunting for hotels and hostels through the Negril Travel Guide. There are plenty to choose from and chances are you’ll find one that fits your aesthetic and monetary needs.

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