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By Bob | February 8th, 2007

threescompany.JPGThere is a reason why San Diego continues to attract more and more residents each year. The city is lovely. Darned lovely.

Its year-round perfect weather, access to beautiful beaches, increasingly vibrant downtown life and proximity to Mexico also make it a wonderful place to visit for a few days or even longer.

What is a traveler to do in San Diego?

Glad you asked. The city is chockfull of attractions including the San Diego Zoo. I used to think that it was merely a prop in the introduction of the 70s sitcom Threes Company until I went and visited it. I spent hours there and I am not even a huge animal fan. If it is cool enough for Jack, Christie and Mr. Roper than it should be cool enough for you too.

San Diego also boasts Knott’s Soak City Water Park and Legoland California. Some people say these are perfect for kids, but I think that is just an excuse for adults to go visit.

If you are planning on visiting San Diego and seeing the attractions, the Go San Diego Card is the way to go. It offers up huge savings on the price of admission to attractions, activities and tours. If you scoop one up by February 15, 2007 you’ll save even more dough on a card that is designed to make your trip to San Diego one that doesn’t break the bank.

Go San Diego Card - 38 San Diego Attractions for 1

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