Cruise Savings for Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers and Active Military

By Bob | February 7th, 2007

topgun.jpgThere is a lot of lip service paid towards those who serve our communities but rarely is it anything more than just talk. Holland America Line is putting their money where their mouth is by offering discount cruises to those who sacrifice to make all of our lives better teachers, firefighters, police officers, and active military personnel. Somehow I don’t think the men and women who spend their lives floating on Navy ships would be too eager to spend their time on a ship during vacation, but these prices are pretty good and on cruise ships at least you don’t have to clean any cannons.

Reading the fine print it says:

Must show proof of employment as a teacher by supplying Teacher’s Certification, union card or letter from principal on school letterhead with deposit. Firefighters, Police Officers and all branches of active military (including US Coast Guards, Merchant Marines, National Guard & Reservists) must show proof of eligibility by faxing a copy of badge, or official ID. Must be able to show ID at pier upon request.

Get those IDs up to date and take advantage of this deal. And by the way, thanks for your service to our communities. It might be lip service but it can’t be said enough.

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