Bellissimo! A 10-day Europe Cruise

By Bob | March 19th, 2007

rome-cruise.jpgTraveling to Europe in the summer is a bit akin to being a cow in a cattle drive. The herds of masses obligingly travel from one old church to another with the occasional stop at a famous landmark for a picture or two. Not that there is anything wrong with this. Europe is a wonderful continent with no shortages of beautiful sights, but to go there in the summer months is to know the true meaning of an overpopulated world.

One way around this is to travel during the off-season. March and April are great months to visit Europe and so are October and November. The prices are cheaper, the crowds less pronounced and the natives are less likely to run away at the sight of yet another camera totting tourist.

Celebrity Cruises has a wonderful 10-day cruise to Europe that proves my point about traveling in the quiet months. If you sign up for the cruise departing Rome on August 3, 2007 you’ll have to pay $1,669 for the cheapest cabin. If you sign up for a similar cruise departing in November you will save close to $700.

The choice is ultimately yours of course. Pay less and see more or pay more and see less.

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