Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Wind

Glass-enclosed terraces surround you. Expansive walkways lead to broad, pool-side decks. The dining rooms, the lounges, even the fitness center present panoramic views of the open sea. In almost every stateroom, a picture window or a floor-to-ceiling window puts the world at your feet. And with the addition of a 130-foot midsection, the completely refurbished Norwegian Wind is virtually brand new.

The Norwegian Wind feels wide open and wonderfully uncrowded. The decks are extra-wide. Lounges, showrooms and even the casino are grand-scaled. Staterooms are roomy, and 85% come with an ocean view.

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Author: Miss Julie

Date:December 22nd, 2006

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Sun

Completed in late 2001, the Norwegian Sun is NCL’s newest realization of the Freestyle Cruise experience. Imagine a private cruise designed just for you. What’s your pleasure? French gourmet in a formal setting, or perhaps you’d prefer sushi in shorts. Nine distinct international restaurants await you at any time of day, so you’ll never have to eat the same meal twice. With over fifteen decks, thirty-six suites, and 107 mini-suites complete with balconies, the Norwegian Sun puts you in command as never before.

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Author: Miss Julie

Date:December 22nd, 2006

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Star

NCL proudly introduces its newest Freestyle ship, the Norwegian Star. This $400 million supership is the largest cruise ship ever to set sail in the islands of Hawaii, accommodating 2,200 passengers and 1,100 crew members. Purpose built with NCL’s exclusive Freestyle Cruising in mind, the Norwegian Star has ten distinctive restaurants and 14 separate lounges and bars. In addition, the Norwegian Star has more private balconies and oceanview staterooms than any other ship in Hawaii.

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Author: Miss Julie

Date:December 22nd, 2006

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Spirit

The Norwegian Spirit captures the elegance and charm of the Alaskan experience. Freestyle Dining allows for an array of dining options, from savory French entrees at Maxim’s to Tai Pan’s Asian delights. On deck, admire spectacular views while practicing your golf swing and jogging around the Star Track. Sip your favorite cocktail by the Tivoli Pool, or indulge in the soothing treatments featured at the Roman Spa. At night, witness magical performances at the Moulin Rouge, then kick up your heels at the Celebrity Disco. Or, find Lady Luck amidst colorful gaming tables ... [read more]

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Sky

The view of twelve spacious decks surrounding a glass-domed atrium could take your breath away. Let it. Then take another breath and look further. Check out the Internet Café. It offers computers you can rent so you can stay on-line while at sea. Take another deep breath as you gaze at the spacious, beautifully appointed staterooms, dining rooms and show rooms. You will agree that the Sky is simply breathtaking.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Sea

Sheer glass walls. A two-story shimmering crystal fountain. An elegant avenue of boutiques and shops. Views that stretch to the ends of the earth and a list of on-board amenities just as expansive. This is the remarkable Norwegian Sea. From her broad promenades to her glass-walled Observatory Lounge with a panoramic view of the sea, this is a ship you won’t soon forget.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Majesty

The moment you see her, you’ll understand why she commands such a loyal following. The Norwegian Majesty has always been stylish and sophisticated. Now she’s also been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d – adding 110 feet that’s filled with new staterooms, a second pool and dining room, a new casino, another outdoor bar, NCL’s hallmark Le Bistro restaurant, a coffee bar and lots more deck space. And everything else has been spruced up and refurbished. The Majesty now gives you even more room to roam, more sparkling places to enjoy and more quiet corners to relax in.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Jewel

Experience the voyage of a lifetime on the sparkling new Norwegian Jewel. Revel in Freestyle Cruising – the freedom to enjoy your choice of unscheduled onboard amenities. Watch the world unfold by the Sapphire Pool. Later, revive with a cappuccino in Java Cafe. Eat as you please with Freestyle Dining at 10 unique restaurants, from Mama’s Italian Kitchen to the elegant Le Bistro. Savor a taste of Asia in Chin Chin, featuring Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Little shipmates are in for nonstop fun at Splashdown Kid’s Club, while teens can dance and hang out in Club Underground. Find your ... [read more]

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Dream

This is no illusion. She’s the luxurious Norwegian Dream, one of the most beautiful ships in the NCL fleet. Designed to take you to some very special places, the Norwegian Dream is also a destination in herself – offering more pleasures and treasures than most of her fortunate guests ever dreamed of. And with the addition of a 130-foot midsection, the completely refurbished Norwegian Dream is virtually brand new. From elegantly appointed staterooms and airy promenades to the spectacular Observatory Lounge and Galleria of shops, everything about the enchanting Norwegian Dream is, well, dreamy.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) – Norwegian Dawn

NCL proudly introduces its newest ship purpose-built for Freestyle Cruising – Norwegian Dawn. Sister ship to the spectacular floating world-class resort is filled with innovations from bow to stern. Consider 10 different restaurants, each with its own unique ambiance, over a dozen bars and lounges, a superior collection of amenities and a wide variety of accommodations. This dazzling ship offers the ideal way to escape to Caribbean with more dining options, more balconies, more oceanview staterooms, new activities and more flexibility than ever before.

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