Grrrrr like a Tiger with these Oslo, Norway Vacation Packages

tiger.jpgI’ve always been a bit curious about the name of Norway’s capital. Oslo rolls off the tongue. It is short, sweet and simple. In other words, it is not like Burkina Faso’s capital. It is no Ouagadougou (try saying that ten times or at least correctly once).

According to Wikipedia, the name Oslo is the subject of much debate. There are some that believe it comes from the name of a large farm during the time of settlement. There are others that say it refers to the ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:March 14th, 2007

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Cruise Norway’s Fjords

norway_fjords_1.jpgPeople often ask me what I think is the best place to take a cruise in the world. This is, of course, a difficult question to answer because there are so many great cruise spots. I certainly think that a cruise to Alaska should be on everyone’s list. I also think that a trip through the Panama Canal is a must-see. But if I only had one place I could visit on a cruise I would have to say it would be the fjords of Norway.

There are probably more poetic ways ... [read more]

Author: Bob

Date:January 23rd, 2007

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