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By Cristina Puscas | November 13th, 2009

airplane-from-belowWinter is an excellent time to travel, no matter what kind of destinations you prefer. If snow is on your mind, then head to the slopes in Europe but if you prefer the warm weather, the Caribbean is exactly what you should consider. Asia is a great exotic place to check out and Australia should be on your radar as well. Of course, now you’ll start wondering about the budget. Don’t! Cheap International Airfare from the US is available if you look carefully on the web.


The Old Continent is an excellent choice for a vacation, no mater when you travel. If you are passionate by the winter sports, the wonderful resorts in Austria, France, Slovakia and plenty other countries can be excellent choices. Flights to Europe are not expensive during winter, if you avoid the holidays (so fly after mid-January for best rates).

You can fly into a major European hub (such as London or Paris) and then hop on a low-cost flight to a major city near the resort. Or you can rent a car and drive. To save more money, choose sky resorts located in Central-Eastern Europe, although even in France you can spend an affordable vacation: a week in an apartment for ‚ 602.


Asia is a large continent and there are plenty of places to visit. Flights to Asia are not very expensive either, but remember that in Southern Asia, the first months of the year are excellent for traveling so you might find the rates to be a bit higher and the cities crowded. You can always choose Thailand as an introduction to the Asian culture. Hotels in Bangkok are downright cheap and you will find the city very pleasant. And don’t forget to read my recent article about Bangkok flight deals to get an idea about the prices.


Caribbean vacations are very high on the list of those wanting to escape the colder climates. The high season kicks in mid-December so the flights and accommodation are quite expensive. However, if you look for deals, you’ll be able to secure some great options. And you should read about the things to consider before booking an all-inclusive vacation before you make such a choice.

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