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By Cristina Puscas | November 11th, 2009

bangkokIf you could choose a warm and exotic destination to fly to within the next few months, what would that be? And please, leave Mexico and the Caribbean out of the question now (not that we don’t like those places, but now it’s all about exotic!). Thailand definitely springs into mind. Bangkok is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Asia and a great introduction to the Thai and Asian culture. Did I mention the weather in lovely there right now? So what are you waiting for? Bangkok flight deals plus $10 off your next air travel booking on major airlines! Coupon Code: BANGKOK10

What should you consider?

Thailand has three seasons: warm, rainy and cool. The cool season starts in November and lasts until February, when the temperatures stay around 26C/78F during the day. Bangkok is hot and humid pretty much all the time, and the maximum temperatures can easily reach 35C/95F but the best time to visit is between November and February.

Accommodation and other expenses

Bangkok is one of those cities where backpackers absolutely love to travel and everyone seems to put the city on their to-do-list when planning to visit Asia. Why? Because you are able to find a lot of cheap hotels in Bangkok and, best of all, you’ll be able to afford a slightly higher quality hotel than you normally stay in, just because the rates are so low.

And although Thailand is a great destination for those on a tight budget, you should know that it’s actually quite possible to spend too much on a vacation here. Opting for a high-end resort can burn a big whole in your bank account. However, there’s always a trick you can try: look for Thailand vacation packages . If you are after a spa experience, look for packages which combine the accommodation with treatments (and maybe even get the airfare as part of the deal) while if you want to visit the temples, you can even look for a tour of the country.

Trying the very exotic Thai cuisine is on anyone’s minds when planning a vacation in this part of the world. Learning some Menu tips is an excellent way to get used to the cuisine. And you should also know that food in Thailand is not expensive. And, please, don’t be shy to try the food from street food stalls. That’s the real cuisine you are after!

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