2 day cruises for as little as $79

By Miss Julie | December 8th, 2008

caribcruise.jpgApparently the old saying that Good things come to those who wait,€ is ringing especially true this holiday season when it comes to lower than ever prices on last minute cruise packages. In fact, Celebrity cruise lines is offering a 2 night cruise, which will sail January 8 from Miami to Nassau in the Bahamas for just $79. Last Minute Cruises

You are probably looking at the above paragraph thinking, $79? No way,€ but your eyes are not deceiving you. With cruise companies feeling the pressure in these tough economic times, prices just keep seem to be dropping to encourage leery travelers to still book vacations. That means, that you can score some especially great deals on cruises to places like the Caribbean right now.

If you aren’t sure if you are up for a last minute cruise this winter, there are lots of other great travel deals out there whether you want to go to France, New York or Mexico. With savings to be had on everything from cheap hotels to airport parking, there is nothing that should stop you from booking a fabulous vacation now! (Plus, when else besides in the Caribbean do you really get a chance to have cocktails with little umbrellas in them?)

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