France – Bicycling Provence

By Courtney | July 7th, 2006

France – Bicycling Provence

Relive the Tour de France with a bike tour through Provence!

From its herb-scented hills to its yacht-filled harbours, no other region of France fires the imagination as strongly as Provence. The vivid landscape and luminous light have inspired artists and writers from Van Gogh to Picasso and from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Pagnol.

The borders of Provence are defined by nature: to the west, the Rhône; south, the Mediterranean; and north, where the olive trees end. To the east are the Alps and a border which has shifted over the centuries between France and Italy. Within is a contrasting terrain of plummeting gorges, Camargue salt flats, lavender fields and sun-drenched beaches.

France – Bicycling Provence

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