What could possibly be better than a Spa treatment in the Caribbean?

By Bob | March 20th, 2007

spa-cucumber.jpgDoes the thought of wearing cucumbers on your eyes excite you? Does the mere mention of a mud bath get your juices flowing? Do you go to night dreaming about a deep tissue massage?

If you answered yes to those three questions than you are just like me; you are a health spa fiend. It doesn’t matter where the spa is located, I love them. My friend even convinced me to go to one in a strip mall next to a major interstate highway. It was heaven.

I can only imagine what it must be like in paradise. What it must be like to go to the spa after lounging on the golden sands of St. Lucia all day, drinking cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them and spending quality time with the one you love. A nice spa treatment after all that must be heaven on earth.

The amazing thing is that this heaven can be experienced for some very early prices. Sandals Beach Resorts has some excellent deals on vacation packages to paradise that include credits at their spas. Make sure you take a moment after you facial to stop by and say hello. I’ll be the guy in the chair next to you enjoying the pedicure.

Sandals' Red Lane Spa or Resort $250 Credit Offer!

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