Visit Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney, Australia

By Bob | April 10th, 2007

crocodile-dundee.jpgDo you remember the months after Crocodile Dundee came out? Every person and their mother wanted to go to Australia. And then they looked at a map and realized that is was slightly further away than Alabama and slightly more expensive to travel to. Ah, the sound of travel plans shattered by money and distance. It is one that brings sadness to my ears. We’ve all experienced it.

The good news is that even without the Croc man on the big screen Australia is still a desirable place to go and many people continue to visit there. Maybe you have been there before or maybe it is a place you have been dreaming of for a long time. Not matter the case, you will want to consider taking advantage of the offers put forth by United Vacations. They will fly you to Australia and give you four nights in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney for around $2,000. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For an insider’s guide to what to see, where to go and all the other nuts and bolts of travel Down Under, make sure to pay a visit to the Australia Blog where jokes about Crocodile Dundee are always appreciated.

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