Universal Orlando All-Park, All-Week Pass

By Bob | February 16th, 2007

universal.jpgIf you ever want to feel like an old curmudgeon, head to an amusement park. Between the $6 soft drinks, $30 stuffed animals and gazillion dollar admission prices amusement parks are a far cry from the affordable family fun that they used to be in the “good old days.”

The parks these days, however, can still be fun, you just need to learn how to play the system so that you only getting mildly fleeced instead of fully robbed. For example, if you spend a week in Orlando and you pay full price for tickets to Disney World and its related properties you might as well forfeit your child’s college funds right then and there. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for Disney discounts. Whether you get one through AAA or by purchasing a certain kind of cereal or other means, you can save money.

Alternatively, you could also visit the various Universal parks that are in Orlando. Pound for pound these can be just as much fun as the Mouse Trap and when you consider the fact that you can get an all-park, all-week pass for less than $90 the incentive to visit them is that much greater.

The terms: Unlimited admission equals seven (7) consecutive days of admission, including first day of use, to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal CityWalk.

That is almost like the good old days with the penny candy and nickel arcade.

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