Time to Embark on an Adventure!

By Cristina Puscas | October 14th, 2009

egyptDo you feel like doing something adventurous and impulsive? And no, we are not talking about packing your bags and heading to Las Vegas and trying your luck at gambling. We are talking about a real adventure. A vacation in an exciting place! If so, have we got good news for you.25% Off Top Adventure Vacation Deals!

What exactly are adventure vacations?

Adventure travel packages are aimed at those travelers who wouldn’t settle with staying by the pool or taking a nice stroll in the historic center. These packages are created to explore mountains, volcanoes, and many other beautiful and, often, challenging places.

Such packages sometimes come with a rather high price tag but sometimes good deals are available. In many cases you are forced to take the decision on the spur of the moment but that’s just the beauty of it.

Feeling like going to Egypt in December? Why not! A 10-days vacation starts at $649 per person and does not include the round trip flight. The required fitness level to complete all activities is moderately high. Oh and you don’t need to worry too much about the airfare. International airfare to Cairo is not hard to find and depending on where you’ll be flying from, the prices start at $642 for a round trip flight.

Not into adventure vacations?

Egypt has always ranked as a cheap winter destination for Europeans , much like Mexico is for the Americans.

The Red Sea Riviera is downright hot in October and warm in December; warm enough to allow you to spend some time in the pool. Vacation packages during December and January range between $388 and $644 per person and includes 8 nights accommodation in Hurghada.

Tunisia, and particularly Monastir, is another popular place among Europeans who prefer to head to a warmer place during winter. Packages start at £277 per person according to this list from the Telegraph. And yes, you can book a holiday via a UK tour operator regardless of where you reside.

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