Three Rivers Cruises Rhine, Main and Danube

By Bob | February 28th, 2007

danube.jpgAs Europe continues to come closer and closer together through the evolution of the European Union it is becoming more and more obvious that there are many unique cultures on the continent. The borders might be blurred but the traditions and the history is not. Holland is different than Germany and Germany is different than Poland and on and on.

These differences are one of the great things about traveling through Europe. There is certainly a European way of life on the continent but that way of life changes from country to country, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood. For such a small geographic landmass there is an amazing amount of diversity and history.

You can experience this firsthand on an 18-day cruise that takes you right through the heart of Europe. The cruise travels from Amsterdam to Budapest making frequent stops along the way. You’ll travel three of the continent’s great waterways the Rhine, Main and Danube. These are the rivers on which many have traveled before and they are the rivers where the wonderfully diverse European way of life continues to evolve today.

The journey is not cheap but it does come with its rewards.

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