Thomson Apartments Accommodation Deals

By Cristina Puscas | December 31st, 2009

caribbean-beachStaying in an apartment during a vacation is not only a great way to save some money, but it’s also a good choice for families with children or for groups. There’s something nice when we have the liberty to eat our meals whenever you want or to be able to enjoy more space while on vacation. Thomson Apartments Accommodation Deals

The best part about these deals is that during the low season, the rates per night start at £6. Head to Furteventura (Spain) in January 2010 and you’ll pay just £6 per night. You won’t be able to sunbath but relaxing away from home and taking long strolls on the beach are excellent ideas when winter plays nasty trick to the rest of us. Remember to also book the flight to Europe when you book the accommodation.

If you want to go to Crete (Greece) in May 2010, prices start at £9 per night for a twin room. Of course, this is an early booking deal, so you need to act fast if you still want to benefit from it. If you prefer a studio, prices start at £10 per night. Book a flight to Athens and, for a more romantic way to travel, hop on a ferry to Crete. This would give you a chance to spend some time in Athens and you can even book a hotel here for couple of days and explore Greece’s capital. In early May, room rates start at $33 per night per person at this hotel just few steps from the Omonia square.

Don’t forget about the Caribbean

Puerto Rico can be a very nice choice for spending a short vacation, although you won’t arrive here before Valentine’s Day (bummer). Still, since you’ll arrive on February 18, 2010, it can be considered a romantic gift, right? The price is $408.00 per person for 4 days , airfare not included. So, book a cheap flight to Puerto Rico to create your own vacation package. The resort where you’ll be staying is located in San Juan and offers 184 rooms, all with AC, TV, coffee maker, fridge, microwave, phone and wi-fi.

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