This offer on cruise deals is going to be very hard to beat

By Roger Wade | August 18th, 2008

Cruize shipFor some reason it seems like the cruise industry has been even more competitive than usual lately, but these cruise deals from Priceline are still shocking to me: Priceline Cruises, 110% Price Guarantee – 23 ports, 155 ships, 17 Cruise lines!

Once you get to their page you’ll see that their 110% guarantee is only the beginning. Sure, they want you to be sure you can’t find these cruises any cheaper, but once you see their offers you’ll see how they can make that bold offer. They have last minute cruises starting at $299, which is up to 75% off, and Caribbean cruises starting at $50 a night! That includes food and entertainment, of course, so as long as you can work one of these specific cruises into your schedule it seems like going would be cheaper than staying home.

They have Alaska cruises at up to 60% off, and, well, instead of me typing this stuff I’ll just as you to click on that link and see for yourself. Another wonderful thing you’ll notice is there are no photos of William Shatner to be found on the cruise deals page. So everybody wins!

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