These Vacation Package Deals are Jamaican me Crazy, Mon

By Bob | February 23rd, 2007

rastafarian.jpgThe beautiful thing about being an armchair traveler is that I have the opportunity to see and learn about various parts of the world on a daily basis. If my interest is in China one day, I will track down information about the country and travel deals. If my interest is in Manitoba the next day I will do the same. By the end of the week I will have spanned the globe without ever leaving my computer chair. That is pretty cool.

And it sucks. Boy, does it suck. Taking a look at cool places and learning a bit about fascinating cultures without having the opportunity to leave my computer seat is a cruel twist of fate. It is like being served an appetizer at a fancy restaurant only to be denied the main course.

So I leave it up to you, fair reader, to munch on the main course. I will live vicariously through you and love and hate you for it. Do me a favor. Take advantage of these outstanding Jamaica vacation packages. Someone has to enjoy the amazing beaches, blue waters and warm hospitality of Jamaica. It likely won’t be me this year, but I would be very happy if it were you.

Jamaica Vacation Packages

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