Step Right Up and Play the Hotel Lottery Game

By Bob | February 6th, 2007

palm-wheel.jpgIf you are reading this site there is a pretty good likelihood that you will go to great lengths to find a travel bargain. After all, you have to endure my dodgy grammar on a regular basis and for that you deserve a medal, or at least a killer deal on a flight.

Since you have proven your street cred by being here, today I would like to present a crazy and/or fun deal from Funjet Vacations. For those bold enough to play along, they have a Fun for Less Mystery Hotel Program that lets you put your fate in the hands of their computers. Instead of doing something crazy like selecting the hotel where you want to spend your next holiday, you can let them do it for you. Here’s how it works:

1. Select your desired destination.
2. Select your travel dates.
3. Select your desired hotel rating category on Funjet’s 1 through 5 star system
4. Look for the Fun for Less listing to provide the absolute best price!
5. Upon check in at the airport, you will receive your documents with the specific hotel that you will be staying at. The hotel that you receive is ALWAYS GUARANTEED to be equal to or better then the hotel category rating that you selected in the reservation process.

This does sound like an adventure if you ask me, but if it means that you can save money on your next vacation surely it is an adventure that is easier to deal with than putting up with poor grammar on the Internet.

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