Spice things up in Puerto Rico

By Bob | April 19th, 2007

puerto-rico.jpgThere are many advantages to choosing to travel to Puerto Rico. For one thing it is super close to the mainland United States and relatively easy to travel to. For another thing it is a super interesting island with a unique history and culture. For another it is a place that is used to hosting English speakers from the US. For another it has beautiful beaches and stunning waters. And best of all it is a slice of the Caribbean that doesn’t necessarily come with the Caribbean prices.

Puerto Rico is, of course, a developed island with a solid infrastructure. Other than the traffic, it is easy to get around and you will feel very comfortable while you visit there. You will also feel very comfortable knowing that you can stay at upscale hotels for far less than upscale hotel prices. In a time when the bargains are few and far between Puerto Rico is still a relative travel bargain, especially if you are willing to travel during the off season.

If you do go in the summer, just be prepared to suck in humidity and to experience some occasional bursts of rain. Also be prepared to have a fun time and a wonderful vacation.

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