Southwest Airline Vacation

By Bob | April 13th, 2007

nuts_southwest2.jpgAs a bargain airfare shopper you are undoubtedly aware of Southwest Airlines. They invented the cattle drive boarding process and essentially made it affordable for just about everyone to fly. They also have those nifty free drinks coupons. After you use a few of them you will really enjoy being herded onto their planes.

While their flights are a proven entity, you may not be aware of the fact that they also offer vacation packages. Southwest Airline Vacation is what you would expect from the nation’s leading discount airline. It offers deals that on vacation packages that are the very definition of reasonable. In addition to the discount flights, you get discount hotel accommodations. Combine the two together and you save a bundle of money.

Where oh where are the Southwest Airline Vacation packages? Excellent question. I am so very happy that I asked. The destinations include popular vacation spots such as Orlando, Anaheim, Las Vegas and Hawaii. You can also find deals on tickets to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

Make no bones about it these vacations are not geared towards those looking for a high end experience. But for those of us who simply want to get away without spending a fortune the Southwest Airline Vacation offerings are as tasty as one of those free drink coupons.

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