Small Group Travel Planning Made Easy

By Bob | April 26th, 2007

group-travel.JPGThere are three people. Two of you are in one location and one person is in an entirely different location. You are all headed to the same place to holiday together. How do you make it so that two plus one equals three together in the desired location at the same time?

No, this isn’t a question for the SATs. This is a challenge that travelers often face when they are going to travel together with family or friends. The logistics of making sure that you all arrive in the same place around the same time can be an absolute nightmare. As someone who has been on the losing end of things and who has arrived in a foreign city only to not find my friends, I can tell you that it is no fun.

Site 59 to the rescue!

They have a handy tool that allows you to plan a trip for multiple people coming from multiple locations. This might seem like an art of science, but it is brilliant. It will save you a lot of planning time and in the end it might even save you money.

Meet up to 3 people, from 2 departure cities, in 1 place, for 1 low price.

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