Seven is the Lucky Number for Vacation Package Savings

By Bob | February 22nd, 2007

seven.jpgWhy do you suppose that seven is a lucky number? It doesn’t look sexier than any of the other numbers, it doesn’t smell better than the other numbers and it certainly can’t tap dance better than the other numbers. Sure it has a soft drink named after it, but seven is nothing special in my mind. I’ve always been partial to the number four myself, but apparently there are many, many reasons why seven has become a lucky number in our culture. You learn something new every day at Cruise and Vacation Packages. Tell your friends about us. Heck, tell your enemies too.

As if the number that falls between six and eight wasn’t famous enough already, here is another reason to count seven as your favorite number. Southwest Airlines has a Lucky Seven promotion that could save you money on your next couple of vacations. Book a flight and a hotel stay of 3 nights or more and you will receive $77 back, no questions asked. If that isn’t incentive enough, you will also receive $77 off your next flight and three-night hotel stay vacation package. All told, that is $154, which is not a lucky number but it is a nice chunk of change to save. You have to book by March 1, 2007 or your luck will run out.

Book a spring vacation to any destination and SAVE $77, plus SAVE $77 on your next vacation package. Book by 3/1!

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