Set yourself Free on a Super Southern Caribbean Cruise

By Bob | February 16th, 2007

seabird.jpgIn my next lifetime I am going to be a seabird. I am going to spend my waking hours flying high above the warm ocean waters looking for food and enjoying the solitude. When I grow tired of one locale I will simply fly away to another. I will hop from one island to another, never growing bored and forever on the move. I will make up for all of the hours I spend in my current life sitting at a desk and interfacing with a computer. I will be free.

There is a romance to island hopping. Just ask those who are fortunate enough to own yachts and who sail from one island to another with hardly a care in the world. Theirs is a nice lifestyle but it is not one that we can all lead.

Fortunately there are ways to capture a bit of that free bird spirit and to hope from one island paradise to another. Cruise ships can serve this purpose and they can be your vehicle to freedom without costing a small fortune. Royal Caribbean has a cruise that is the perfect example of that notion. It is a 7-night cruise aboard the Adventure of the Seas that takes you from one island to another in the Southern Caribbean.

I’m looking forward to that next lifetime of mine, but until then it is nice to now that I can still hop from island to island without even having to flap my wings.

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