Second Person Flies Free to Mexico

By Bob | July 2nd, 2007

chairs-on-beach.jpgTraveling by yourself can be a unique and rewarding experience. It challenges you to figure out where you are going and how to get there. It can also inspire you to make new friends. Everyone loves a solo traveler. Group travelers, not so much.

While an individual trip can be special, sometimes an experience is best when you have someone else around. Someone else to help navigate through the airport customs. Someone else to be sympathetic when you stomach doesn’t appreciate the food it just ate. Someone else to help rub on the suntan lotion and to go fetch you another fancy drink with an umbrella in it because, dammit, you are thirst and you need another.

Here’s a great way to save on a two-person trip to various resorts in Mexico. Funjet has a deal that includes free airfare for a second person when you book a vacation package to Mexico.

After you tell them that you have gotten their flight for free you’re traveling partner will be at your mercy. Think of all the fun things you can make him or her do. I mean, think of all the wonderful experiences the two of you can have together on the trip.

Funjet Vacations

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