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By Bob | January 16th, 2007

panama2.jpgWhen you think about it, the Panama Canal was a remarkable concept. Human beings took a look at strip of land that is 51 miles long and decided they could turn it into a waterway. The amount of capital spent both financial and human was unprecedented in its time and to this day it remains one of the planet’s great engineering feats.

There is talk these days of expanding the Panama Canal so that it can accommodate the ever increasing number of jumbo cargo ships that themselves are increasing in size. This will be no easy task and it should help to remind us all of just how difficult it was to build the Panama Canal in a time when heavy moving equipment largely meant men and animals.

Even if you aren’t an engineering geek, a cruise through the Panama Canal should be on your list of things to do in your lifetime. You will learn a lot during that 51-mile journey and you’ll be surprised by the scenery you’ll see along the way. has the best offering of deals on Panama Canal Cruises, including some handy packages that included airfare. To learn more about the construction of the Panama Canal, you would be well advised to check out David McCullough’s excellent book Path Between The Seas.

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