Saintly St. Peter, Barbados

By Bob | February 13th, 2007

st-peter.JPGBarbados has long been known for being a tropical paradise and the St. Peter parish is no exception. Located on the northern part of the island with easy access to the Platinum Coast, it is slowly growing into a vacation hotspot. With warm waters, beautiful beaches and world-class hotels, you can hardly blame folks for choosing to get a little rest and relaxation in St Peter.

Even with the influx of tourists, there are opportunities to experience nature as it should. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is located in the parish. It features many unique animals special to the Caribbean including the Barbados Green (Vervet) Monkey, which was brought to the island during the slave trade and has flourished ever since.

Priceline has an excellent deal on vacation packages to St Peter, Barbados. Their all-inclusive deal to the Almond Beach Village includes three meals a day, as well as access to golf, tennis, swimming pools and water sports.

If you have had Barbados on your travel list, now is the time to give it a look and to experience St Peter. If you have never thought of going to Barbados, well, you should think about it. All the cool kids are going there. Drink the kool-aid. And have fun. Life is short and it is a shame to die without a tan.

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